One more thing

And now the reason for my sudden on-line presence is this-

My work will be included in the next issue of Hellcar, number 23 to be exact.  What is Hellcar?  As it turns out,  there is surprisingly little information about it.  It is a promotional CD/DVD given out at these independent record stores, (click on participating indie stores).  Hellcar has music, comics, animation and much more and is supposed to come out around April 1st.  For those of you in Baltimore, Soundgarden is part of the Monitor This network and so sometime in the beginning of April go and bug them for your free copy of Hellcar.  

Here's what the Hellcar editor had to say about the new issue:


the hellcar 23 should be getting here in the next couple of weeks.
I'll send them out as soon as they do. they turned out great!  could be
the best issue ever. the historians will certainly have something to
argue about on their podcasts."

His name is Paul Friedrich and he is one of my favorite artists and a nice human being.  You can visit his site to see his work.

In a great leap of faith, I sent Paul some stuff for Hellcar and the only contact info I put with it was my, as yet unformed, website address.  Thank goodness for my wonderful and talented friends who actually put the site together for me........