A couple of cool updates. "The Adventures of SlugBunny" comic will be in the Zine Machine located in the University of Iowa, Main Library. It's similar to the Art-o-mat but it dispenses 'zines and comics. Check out it's website, http://www.zinemachine.org/. If anyone is interested in putting things in the machine email Jessica White at info@zinemachine.org. Jessica and her boyfriend Scott Smith have written some very funny 'zines together and separately,. I went to high school in North Carolina with Scott and our paths recently crossed again through myspace. You can check out Jessica's art at http://www.bittersweetnessandlight.com/. and Scott's record label at http://www.luckycreature.com/.

I also just finished decorating a bowling pin as part of a fundraiser for this music festival in Durham, North Carolina http://www.troikamusicfestival.org/ I admit that I don't know a whole lot about the festival but I'm pretty sure it's not sponsored by Wal-mart or Nazi Youth so I think it's an ok project. They are putting together a website about the auction so I'll post more info on that when I have it.