Hooray! I finally gathered and submitted all the information for my prelim application to University of Maryland. I paid my 60 bucks and soon will writing all about my educational goals and trying to hammer out a statement of purpose. (i would just like to say that the whole STATEMENT OF PURPOSE!!!! scares the crap out of me and it's going to take me forever to write. I can't even write a cover letter to a job application without freaking out and don't even talk to me about artist statements.....) Anyway, the main reason I'm excited is that for the past two weeks I have been very unfocused and unable to complete anything. I have one more drawing to complete for my show. I walk by it but I do nothing. My house is in shambles. In fact, the only thing I have spent any time on is We Love Katamari, my big accomplishment for the weekend was collecting all the cousins. *sigh*

Here's to being FOCUSED and getting all this shit out of the way! Perhaps I will even call my friends again.