Will You Be Mine?

Hello all- In celebration of the new year, my favorite non-holiday, my inability to send out holiday cards and the completion of my screen printing shop, I have printed close to 300 (the edition isn't quite clear yet) Valentines to send out to the lucky people on my mailing list.

So here's the deal, if you recieved a postcard for my show in October, you are on my mailing list and will recieve your Valentine shortly. If you sent Mickey and I any sort of holiday card you are also automatically on the list. If you have moved recently or did not recieve a postcard for the October show, you need to send me your snail mail address ASAP. Please email me at jodi@jodihoover.com. I'm not going to include a picture of the actual Valentine so that it can be a surprise, hopefully this is the first of many prints produced in my new shop. I'm excited to share a little bit of the fun with all of you!

Happy Valentine's Day,