closer to the truth

The truth is that I am completely scared that the benefit will not actually go well and that it will be a huge disaster. The school has been overall unhelpful and all planning and promoting has fallen to my co-worker Sherri and I. It's just that neither one of us plans benefits and we are doing the best we can with what we can figure out. I just don't want to disappoint and I'm finding it hard to stay positve. I keep telling myself that people do things last minute and that I can't freak out about slow ticket sales. After all, the bulk of the stuff for the silent auction came/is coming after the deadline. The sad part about it is, that this is going to be a really cool event. The artwork is really fabulous and I'm not just making that up. The musicians are top notch and I can't wait to hear them not to mention that tickets are cheap, 16 bucks in fact. I think I'm just tired. I've been spending a ton of time on this while trying to keep of with my job (and my new boss's job, but that a different story) and I'm coming close to being done. Planning the Italy trip is seeming like a chore and we won't even talk about my complete lack of preparation to start grad school.

At least the weather is nice. Now I can feel guilty about not walking the dogs as much as I should. *Bleck*