As promised, here are pics of my new bike. Its a 750 Honda Shadow American Classic Edition, with some sort of special seat and after market pipes that Mickey can tell you all about but I just think they look cool. I didn't realize that Mickey had pulled his Triumph so close to my bike so the pictures aren't quite as good as they could be. Oh well, I'm crossing this off my "to-do" list anyway. The bike is rather loud which is more fun than I thought it would be. I don't usually subscribe to the "loud pipes save lives" school of thought but some timely revving stopped a soccer mom from throwing a cup of something out the mini-van window that would have hit me right in the face. Also a problem are cigarette butts that people flick out windows, but that's a whole separate conversation.

So it seems that this summer's road trip will be a lot more comfortable for me than last year's was. Riding has become more fun and less stressful. Speaking of stress, I start school on Monday. So weird.