Winston-Salem, Ahoy!


This is a link to the planned events on August 18th. Mickey and I will be rolling into town on Friday the 17th and plan to be at Secca on the 18th. I'm not sure what I'll be bringing to display/sell since we had planned on making this our annual motorcycle trip and even with two bikes space is limited. However, since the temperature next weekend is supposed to be in the mid to upper 90's we are thinking about bringing the car, so who knows what I'll have.

I will have some of my newly finished Artomat pieces (see below) to trade with the other Arto artists. These are screen prints of six different Baltimore city scenes with six different monsters printed separately. This allowed me to make 36 different city/monster combos. There are 120 total and I kept 20 to trade so look for the other 100 at an Artomat machine near you.

As usual, please pass this along to anyone else who have be interested!


PS- For those who don't know about the Artomat project, please visit It's one of my very favorite things and I hope someday soon we have a machine in Baltimore!