Some people have no class

The show at the Brewer's art had a rather sad ending, it seems that last weekend two of my drawings were stolen off the wall. The owners and staff at the Brewers are horrified. They think that the theft occurred during a wedding rehearsal dinner. It just goes to show that you can be classy enough to book your rehearsal dinner at the Brewer's Art yet not be classy enough to have friends (or family) that don't steal. While I can't imagine how you can enjoy stolen art in your home, I hope the drawings are safe rather than in a trash can somewhere. On a happier note, I just took 13 new tiny paintings to Minas. This set includes my very special 200th tiny painting. Crazy I know.

If you would like to view all of the tiny paintings please go to:

I'm going to loading more pictures from the "archives" as I get time. I'll also be getting my slides scanned, time and money permitting and so I'll put those up to.