Valentines are mailed!

The Valentine mailing was slightly delayed due to an unforeseen battle with the current cold/plague that's going around. Colds used to be a minor annoyance involving a sore throat, runny nose and a slight cough. These colds might have resulted in missing a day of work and maybe another two days feeling not quite right but overall were no big deal. Current new plague colds involve the sudden onset of crushing chest pain, an amazingly painful sore throat and a horrific death rattle cough. Plague colds require at least two days of lying drugged to near insensibility on the couch and then another several days moving with old lady (or man) slowness around the house.

I'm in day four of the plague cold and managed to leave the house to vote and mail the Valentines. This activity made me dizzy and so I'm back to the couch. Oh precious beautiful couch.

In case you are wondering, I did not just mail my plague to everyone on my mailing list. The Valentines were assembled pre-plague, I just haven't been able to leave the house to mail them. By the way, I still have some left over so if you haven't sent me your new/current mailing address it's not to late!