Brewer's Art 2008 and general update

Hello all-

Please consider this your official invite to my upcoming show at the Brewer's Art!  This year's format is a bit different.  I invited two other fabulous artists to show with me and I think the combination of work is going to be outstanding.

The facts:

Adrienne Figus (
S. Philip G. (
Jodi Hoover (

October 20th - November 16th, 2008

The Brewer's Art (
1106 N. Charles St.
Upstairs back dining room

OPENING: Monday, October 20th 6-9 pm

If you are on my snail mail list, the postcards went out yesterday so expect them to arrive soon!  This will also be my last show at the Brewer's Art, at least for awhile.  I love the space and I love the people but I think it's time to give up the yearly slot.  So hopefully I will see many of you at the opening and we'll raise a plate of rosemary garlic fries to the ever fabulous Brewer's Art.

In other news, as some of you know and others can read about in the NEWS section of my site, I spent an unexpected stretch of time stuck in the house this summer.   However, I finally had time to completely organize all my digital files.  How does this benefit you? Well I am now offering high quality digital reproduction of some of my work on my Etsy shop. 

Basically, no artwork leaves my house without being documented in photo form. This means I have a tremendous archive of digital images.  I recently had time to make sure these images were properly saved, in correct formats and to play around with different manners of reproduction. I decided to start with reproductions of some of the tiny paintings I produced for the Artomat project ( and more recently for sale at the Minas Gallery in Hampden ( 

I love the way these turned out.  At 5x7 they are larger than the originals but are every bit as charming.  Check them out using the handy new SHOP link on my website (thank you Eric). You may either purchase them through the site or contact me directly. 

I also will freely admit that the idea for these came about through a conversation with Paul Friedrich, who's artwork you should check out.  The MERCH link on his site appears not to be working, so here's a direct link to his Etsy shop,

Until then,

Jodi Hoover