My contribution to the family (Mickey's) Thanksgiving dinner is dessert. The dessert is supposed to be in pie form but not pumpkin because apparently I'm the only one that likes pumpkin pie. Now while I am perfectly capable of making a pie, I don't really enjoy it and I don't have the time so this evening I went to the PA Dutch Market ( near my house. Although I hate grocery stores, I love the Dutch Market. The shoefly pie,tapioca pudding, chow chow, whoopie pies and way too many kinds of pretzels all make me miss my grandmother and make me slightly homesick for Lancaster, PA despite the fact that I've never lived there. The pie buying expedition was more than successful. I traveled home with an apple pie, half a red velvet cake and a very tiny pumpkin pie.

In other non-food news, I've been prepping screens and images so that I can pull some prints later on this weekend. For the show this spring I want to work on a series that combines photographic images with my drawings. It feels good to be in the shop again. I can finally stand for long enough to accomplish things. Hooray! I'll post images of the new drawings as soon as they are far enough along to allow such things.

This weekend I will also be writing a paper about the importance of Deed of Gift letters in dealing with the legal issues surrounding materials donated to archives. But I'm pretty sure no one wants to hear more about that....