The pin has been primed and so now we move on to the color.  This year's pin will be an orange-y red sort of color.  I used a layers of two different reds and then dry brushed a light orange color on top.  The result is below.


The dry brush layer always picks up the scars and imperfections in the pin.  I try to leave some of them so that the history of the pin is still visible. Now on to the additions.  These are done using a combination of canvas and fabric.  One of the questions I am repeatedly asked, is how I get the canvas to match the paint on the bowling pin.  That is actually the easiest thing of all- I paint the canvas when I paint the pin.  I make sure I use the same paint colors in the same order. 


Above are the little canvas "pants" I made for the front feet. The canvas additions are attached to the pin using an acrylic adhesive caulk.  Do not fear- the caulk is completely paintable.  I will go back in once it dries and paint it to match everything else.  I've even learned not to fret about the caulk getting on the sections that are already painted.  Its just another surface texture and always ends up looking just fine once its touched up.

I should also mention that I am not much of a seamstress but I try to make my extremely basic skill work for me.  The sewing is all done by hand and progresses sloooowllllyyyy.  Oh, and the colors in these photos are off.  Once the pin is finished there will be actual photos with decent lighting. 

Now its time to make a tail.