and so it begins.

Our beard adventure has officially begun. We have successfully made it through BWI security and are waiting for our first plane of the day.  Overall a fairly painless process and after breakfast and coffee I’m feeling ready to deal with the plane.

There are several main questions Mickey always gets asked about his beard.  “Is it itchy?”, “Is it hot?” and my personal favorite, “Is it a problem at the airport?”  I don’t know if beard related discrimination is a big problem for people going through airport security, but Mickey has come up with a perfect way to head off any problems. He always wears a Harley Davidson t-shirt. 

It’s not just any Harley-Davidson t-shirt.  It’s the only one he owns with a giant American flag on the front and a huge eagle across the back.  He feels that way people look at him and think “biker” rather than “shady scary dude with a giant beard at the airport”.

The special airport shirt was a present from Mickey’s mother and is from a Harley dealership in Lancaster, Pa.   Last weekend Mickey wore it to Indianapolis for the Do-It-Best Hardware Spring Show.  He said several guys walked up to him at the show and made some variation of the following statement, “Hey man, we saw the beard and then we saw your were from Lancaster and it all made sense.”  Apparently people saw beard and Lancaster and assumed he was Amish. 

My question to them, how many Amish men do you know with a Harley?