I've been spending a lot of time in the print shop lately and I've been pretty happy about it.  So far this year I've done print covers for two Furniture Press books (  The first, "Tea Party Poems" is already available on the Furniture Press site and the second, "Aquinas  and  the  Mississippi " will be up for sale soon.

I also had the great pleasure of printing baby shower invitations for my good friend Andria Linn (  She and her delightful husband Jeff welcomed their son Oliver into the world earlier this year.  


I really love this image and may rework it in another print sometime soon.

Despite these side projects work on the "Snail Book" has moved forward.  The base pages are all finished!!  I wanted to have a consistent background image and use the color difference to indicate different scenes or acts in the story.  Here they are...


  The blue is a little blurry but I'm sure you get the general idea. Next comes printing the actual images.  Some elements will be printed directly onto these pages and some will be printed separately and them collaged into place.  Although the base pages were pretty easy to print there are a lot of them so I'm hoping that book printing moves faster from now on.

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