Valentine Time!

Hello everybody-

It's that time of year again, the time in which I ask all of you to update or send me your current address so that I may send you a Valentine.  Full disclosure, this year's Valentine will not be hand printed.  Printing the Valentines has become an increasingly time consuming process and while I love you all, I decided to spend my time working on something else this January.  Besides, five years of hand printed Valentines has a nice sort of completeness to it, right?

So what have I been doing?  I again had been avoiding working on my book project.  One night I finally sat down to work on the final print separations and realized that I really didn't have that many more layers to pull.  I got to work and now I only have two more layers and printing will be done. TWO! DONE! Unbelievable. Next comes putting together all of the elements but I look forward to that part so I think it will be a nice way to work through the winter.

Here are some pics from the latest mock-up.

So in conclusion: Send me your current address, look forward to book news SOON, check out my shop to look at available prints & drawings.

Happy 2012!!