I wrote this whole long post about how I've had a rough week filled with doubts about this whole grad school thing because I'm picking up a "you're not truly dedicated because you aren't doing this full time" coupled with a "your work is a tad too commercial" vibe.  I went on for a little bit about different paths and second guessing your life choices....but even I got bored because it is a boring conversation that I need to stop having with myself and others. 

This week I had three pieces accepted into a painting show.  A painting show that I accidentally entered because I screwed up the entry form. I've never been in a painting show before and wouldn't have normally even tried to that's an exciting and happy accident!  Details can be found here: Strokes of Genius

Mickey and I also went to a special screening of "For No Good Reason" the recently released documentary about Ralph Steadman.  Steadman is one of my artistic heroes and the chance to see him working....amazing!  There was also a lovely panel discussion that revolved around arts entrepreneurship which I especially needed to hear.   

I've started to work on some new drawings that I'm excited about.  I'm playing with materials and content in a way that I haven't in a long time.  Its good for me.  Pictures may follow soon.

Today I did an unassisted headstand in yoga class which is something I probably couldn't have done even 2 months ago. 

So onward, forward and all of those things.  Life is good and I like my priorities just fine.  Take that grad school!