So you'll just have to excuse my moment of extreme dorkiness.

Yeah, that's Weird Al last night at the Brewer's Art (with some folks I don't know) and if you squint that's my drawing on the wall behind him!!

This morning I received a myspace message from a woman who saw my work at Brewers. She really liked the work and said she took some pics and want to use them in her blog. I said fine, nice to meet you blah blah. A while later I check her blog and it's all about having dinner with Al since he was in town on his birthday. Of course I wrote back. "Is that really Weird Al? Does he like my drawings? EXPLAIN!!!" Apparently her and her sister know him from way back and they always get together when he's in town and it just so happened that they were at Brewers and yes Weird Al did like my drawings.

I am so so happy. Actually he could hate the drawings. I'm excited enough that he sat next to them. *sigh*