Last night I went to an opening at the National Museum for Women in the Arts. The show is a celebration of 20 years of collecting artists books. If anyone has a chance to go see the show I highly reccomend it. It's beautifully installed and there's over 100 books by 80 different artists. It made me want to go home and work from sun-up to sun down without stopping to eat or watch TV. (I'm sure these feelings will pass, probably around dinner time...) I was able to meet several artists whose work I really love, including this woman Her website does make me realize the value of a good photograph since the beauty of the peices doesn't translate very well. Each peice functions a book and a wall hanging. They are all unique calligraphy pieces on tyvek and most have these amazing sections of woven tyvek that will blow you away in person.

It's also worth visiting the NMWA website Click on the link for the interactive books and you can flip through five of the books in the exhibition.