I felt I should update about the outcome of the benefit since I was very tired and frustrated the last time I mentioned it. It went amazingly well. I even overheard comments from people, who had no idea who I was, about how well organized everything was. I tried not to laugh out loud. If they only knew the true story..... The artwork sold very well, I've been told the music was good, we kept track of the money and our method for having people pick up their silent auction stuff went off almost with out a hitch. The school had a recommended method for how to do it that made no sense and would require four times as many people. Also their plan for how to run the bar was completely dumb, I figured out a way around it that worked fine.

It looks like we raised about 12,000 dollars which is well over what Sherri and I estimated. That made it all worthwhile but I am more than ready to give up my career as an event planner.

I'm happily back to planning my vacation, I registered for my first class at University of Maryland and if the weather would cooperate I could get my new bike out of the garage. I also finished up three new drawings for a show in North Carolina. I really should stop promising to send things out for shows when the drawings are not actually in existence yet. I'll post pictures of them soon. I really like them and I'm sad to see them go. Maybe they won't sell and I'll be three drawings closer to being ready for the show in October!