Show in NC

If you know me, you know that I am rather fixated on showing artwork in North Carolina the way most artists are fixated on showing in New York. The people are nice, the events are fun and while I'm sure there are other places that are equally nice, my love is for the Tar Heel State. So, I am super excited to be part of this show in Raleigh, NC:

Low Pop Opening Friday May 4, 2007 from 7-10 pm in our new space at 323 West Martin Street

(note that I am included in a show of "the south's greatest cartoonists".....hee hee)

If anyone out there happens to be in the Raleigh area while the show is up, please head over to Design Box and check out the show.

"Bird Sketch I"

"Bird Sketch II"

"Poor Little Lunch"

In other news, I went to grad school orientation on Saturday. I rode to College Park on my new motorcycle (I swear i will take and post pics soon) and it is a huge improvement over my old bike. I'm not sure if I'm ready to brave regular traffic on 95 but Saturday traffic was fine. Orientation was dreadfully dull and hilarious at the same time. At first, I thought it was weird that some people brought their parents but I keep forgetting that sometimes people in grad school are very young. I also realized that I had some sort of brain freeze when I registered for classes. I was supposed to register for Summer and Fall classes at the same time, but I only registered for summer. I'm first in the waitlist for the Fall classes so I'm sure it will all work out. *sigh* I haven't been in school in a long, long time.

ps- next week this time, i will be in rome. wheeeeee!!!!