Bowling pins and on-line comics!

Hello all-

On Thursday night I went to an amazing talk at Baltimore County Public Library.  The talk featured four artists who are very talented and very, very busy.  Since I have been feeling a little unproductive this winter, they inspired me to take stock of what I have accomplished.  Since no one wants to hear about my boring school endeavors (although I am developing a love for databases and hierarchical inheritance) I'll focus on art stuff.

I am participating in the fourth Pin Projekt in support of the Troika Music Festival in Durham, North Carolina.  I love this project (projekt in this case!).  It's really fun creating monster sculptures.  This year's pin features wings with wire ribs that are ever so slightly pose-able and of course the whole thing is iridescent.  I can't wait to see the lights hit it at the auction! That's right, provided my end of semester doesn't go horribly awry I plan on being at the auction.  I hope to see you there!

The live auction will be held on May 16th at the Broad Street Cafe, 1116 Broad Street in Durham. 

For more information go to:
To see pics of my pin go to:   

I am also pleased to announce the long awaited unveiling of The Adventures of Slug Bunny vol. 2.  I am sorry to say, that although I love 'zines and mini-comics somehow I never get from the drawing stage to the photocopying and stapling stage.  Thankfully Paul Friedrich and Hellcar comics has provided me with an option. 
Please visit  to view my very first totally online comic. (Hellcar may have some content that is not kid or work friendly) You'll also find an online version of Slug Bunny vol.1 but since it also exists in the more traditional stapled form I can't claim it as number one.  Stayed tuned for more slow moving Bunny adventures.

I will also be participating in this years Sowebo Arts Festival poster show.  Sowebo fest is a great Baltimore art and music festival and I'm excited to be able to participate in my small poster-y way.  For more information, please visit:

And now to complete my email full of links, here are the links to the sites of the four delightful artists that spoke at BCPL. - very beautiful prints, paintings and books   The blog of some very hard working 'zinesters at MICA (see above warning about Hellcar, this may have similar issues)  Jennifer Strunge, I LOVE her work  Kevin Sherry, T-shirt designer and bookmaker extraordinaire

Happy spring to you all!