Pin Projekt Photos and other news

The Pin Projekt Auction in NC was a lot of fun. There were many really beautiful pins and overall I think they sold really well.  I met some really nice people and got to see some old friends.  My Dad ended up winning the pin so it looks like I'll get to visit this one!

Since I forgot my camera, I have to rely on the kindness of others who post their photos and allow me to link to them.  So if you'd like to see pictures of the auction please go to:

 Thank you Scott!

Doing art stuff in NC always makes me a little homesick but it is nice to be back in Baltimore.  I finished up the spring semester and I'm taking a break from school for the first part of the summer.  The first thing I did was completely clean and re-organize the studio, so new work will be in process soon. 

Oh, my poster that will be auctioned for Sowebo fest in Baltimore is now online, along with all of the others.  To see them go here:

Although this is not at all art related I thought I'd share pics of my most recent house project.  For those who have been to our house, you have seen the sunroom off the kitchen.  Ever since we moved in I have been sad that the space is just not usable.  There was a rather large built in bench on the non-window side that was covered in ugly brown carpet and another built in shelf/bench along one of the other walls. 

Then a couple of weeks ago, instead of working on a paper, I decided to rip the built in sections out.  It went relatively well, except for the accidental cutting of the phone line to the house.  Anyway, today Ikea provided me with roll down shades, which I hung with no trouble at all.  That may be a first for Ikea installations in my house.  Then for finishing touches, I bought pillows at Pier 1.  I would have bought pillows at Ikea but they seemed to have taken leave of their design sense when they introduced this year's outdoor pillows. There are a good many that involve a combination of puce and pink that I find repellent.

The last is a close up of a fairly recent art purchase.  I'm not sure if the artist had an actual title for it but Mickey and I have been calling it "The Empty-Eyed Deer".  I debated buying it because it is slightly creepy but I had a vision of it in the sunroom among plants.  It fits here so much better than in the living room.