I have been working on the drawing in short spurts over the past two days.  The first layers are slow going because I have to wait for sections to dry before moving on to another.  With smaller drawings I have two or three going at once but with large drawings there is only room for the one.

I put another layer on the sky.  It will get at least one more layer.  Some of the collage work has gone onto the mountains and I put the line work on the city.  The line work is put in with a water soluble calligraphy marker and bleeds as soon as it gets wet.

The first layer has gone onto the mountains and the city.  For the city buildings, the underlayer colors are almost never even close to the final colors.  The top layers usually play with the underlayer color in some way.  I tend to think of most of these areas as color exercises.  That has its own traps, sometimes I get so excited about a color combination that I lose sight of how the overall structure is supposed to work.  

The sky monster gets its first touches of conte.  Finding out that conte crayons are water soluble changed many things about my work.  The drawn elements blend in a much more natural way with the watery ink elements. Plus dipping a conte crayon in water and then drawing is like drawing with pure pigment.  Yummy....

More collage work and another ink layer on the mountains and I had to wrap it up for tonight.  Moving forward means that the mountains could bleed into the sky and the sky into the city.  I have to wait for everything to dry and then re-wet only the sections I intend to work on.

There are a few more pictures here: