Hello all-

So it's been a little while since I updated about the drawing.  The first reason is that we were in NC for my step-sisters' (they're twins) graduation from high school.  Yeah Hannah and Katherine!

The second reason is as follows.  In almost every drawing and most of the prints there comes a point where they hit the "ugly phase".  Generally it's close to the end of the process and I print a color or do something to the drawing that I almost immediately regret.  Then comes the feeling that the project can not be salvaged and I'm going to have to give it up.  In this drawing it came when I took the main figure from this:

to this:

by doing a blue ink wash over the whole thing.  The spots are from areas of heavier conte application that acted as a resist for the ink.  I also used brown conte to completely dull the underlying colors of the city.  In short, I made the whole thing a muddy unattractive mess.   If I were braver, I would have then posted the "ugly phase" pictures without knowing if the drawing was going to turn out or not.  But I'm not that confident, so I didn't.

Instead, in one intense work session a couple day ago, it went from the muddy version to this:

I know is seems like a left out several big steps, but I promise that's not exactly true.  That's pretty much how the drawings always work out.  I almost give up, I walk away for a couple of days and when I start again they come together rather quickly.

Here's a overview of the whole thing.

There are some more detail shots here:


Now the drawing is essentially finished.  The whole thing will be sprayed with a UV protective clear coat so the the dry conte colors won't rub off.  I won't stretch it for awhile because it's easier to store this way.  It will hang in my studio for a bit and I may do some small touch ups but that's about it.

Since i've gone this far, I'll post pictures of the stretching process when I get to it.  This is largest one I've ever tried to stretch so it should be interesting.  Wheeee....