PA Beard and Mustache Championships

We had a great time in Oil City this weekend.  The rain cleared away and the event ended up going really well.  We met some really amazing good people that we hope to see again soon. People traveled from Lancaster, Philadelphia and even Michigan to be there.  I posted the photos here:

Mickey did not win but his picture did make it to the front page of the local paper!  Ok so it was a group shot but still, front page of the paper.  In Baltimore you usually have to commit a horrible crime to make front page news.

Oil City the town was extremely charming.  I have gotten used to being somewhat anonymous in my urban surroundings, so it was strange to be somewhere where people could immediately identify you as an outsider.  There were a couple moments of uncomfortable staring and one almost bar fight (we thankfully had just left) but overall people were super nice.  Confused that people were willing to travel to participate in a beard competition, but nice.

Three cheers for Dave Grams for organizing the event (  We are hoping to return in 2009.