At work yesterday this memo arrived in my in box.  It went out from the President's office to all faculty and staff.  Ignoring the creative spelling, doesn't it seem like there could be a less creepy way to phrase this?  My inner librarian is shrieking about all sorts of privacy issues......


Re:       Impact of Economy on Students and Families


In my recent memos to you about the economy, I mentioned that I was concerned about the way the economy would affect our students and their families.  Recently, I have heard anticdotally that this has started to happen.


If students mention to you that they are considering transferring because of these issues, I hope you will do two things:


 1.      Encourage students to talk with D     Prn, Director of Financial Aid


2.      Personally send an email to D at ------------ with the students name so she can follow up.



We are committed to try to help these students and can’t do this if we don’t know there is an issue.

Okay, I can't ignore the spelling.  As a terrible speller, I know there is an email function that automatically checks such things before they are sent.  Why oh why wasn't it used?