New York Beard & Mustache Competition

Last week Mickey and I made a very last minute decision to attend the New York Beard & Mustache Competition. I was reluctant to go for several reasons having to do with a work overload and feeling that I could use some rest, but the main reason was that it was being held the night of our four year wedding anniversary. Now overall, I have been extremely supportive of beard related endeavors and not very princess-y about wedding stuff (we got married in Vegas after all) but who wants to spend their anniversary in a packed New York bar with a ton of bearded dudes? Apparently I do. In the end I was glad that I went. The competition was a huge success, very very well attended and a ton of fun. Since the on-line registration had filled for the full beard categories before we made our final decision to attend and so Mickey had decided not to compete. A choice I was relieved he made when we arrived I saw that the full beard judging wouldn't begin until 1 am. There are limits to my good nature and my ability to stand on concrete.

Because I left my camera battery at home, I don't have any pictures of this particular event although I am sure I will be able to get some from friends. To appease those that may be dying for more information here are some links. Please take special note of our friend Leon Lutz from Lancaster, PA who won in the sideburns category. He's a fellow Oil City competitor and all around good guy. For those who watched the later parts of the Today Show and the first part of Regis and Kelly, you might have seen him forced to explain on national TV that his full beard was transformed into sideburns about two weeks ago due to a tragic fire pit accident....go ahead laugh, I certainly did. Sorry Leon, I can't help it. Here's to turning tragedy into a rousing success!