Remember how I used to actually update this blog? I mean, I've never been a consistent updater but lately I've been extremely neglectful. So to get myself back in the habit I've decided to let everyone follow along with my latest project (or projeckt).

The Pin Projeckt is an annual auction that benefits the Troika Music Festival ( Each participating artist is given a retired bowling to transform in any way they like. The pins are then sold in a super fun live auction. If you'd like to see my previous pins click here:

So that brings us to this years pin. I have most of an idea together but I am not sure how it will ultimately work out. With this project in particular, past and present, I rely on Mickey to help with the logistics of getting pin together. Basically, I tell him what I want to do and magically he comes up with a way to do it. Crazy!

So this is the pin as it arrived.  I didn't think to document this until we had already made the first cut.  There were some extremely deep gouges on the neck that I wasn't quite sure how to deal with.  Luckily Mickey had the answer, in epoxy form. I used the epoxy to fill in the holes and then as it was drying I carved away the extra.

I wanted the head re-attached at angle. This was accomplished using dowels and and some wood glue.  Next came the legs.  This process took a little while and if you want to see more of the pictures, then please click here:

At any rate, here is my base.  Next comes priming and figuring out how to make this look like something someone might want to own.  In case anyone is wondering, yes I do have a sketch.  I have already drifted away from it a bit, but I'll probably scan it soon to share.