Snowpocalypse 2010 Moviethon Part 1

I have been watching  a lot of movies and TV lately.  I could try to pretend it has to do with my new job (I'm supposed to know about movies..) but really it has more to do with wallowing in my new free time and the joy that is no more grad school. To give you a taste, allow me to present my movie choices for my snowbound long weekend:

Friday (Left work at noon)

1. Resident Evil: Apocalypse (

2. Resident Evil: Extinction (

Finally saw the last two Resident Evil movies.  Not my favorite zombie movies and certainly not my favorite plague movies but worth spending a snowy afternoon watching.

3. The Butterfly Tattoo (

Ahhha movie all about the dangers of obsessive teen love. Interesting but not even a little bit cheerful.

Saturday (so many inches of snow, can't leave the house......)

4. Zombie Wars (

Not much to say about this.  It's pretty bad.  Think "made for sci-fi channel" bad.

5. Insomnia (

Beautiful, moody, creepy.  All about a cop going crazy and screwing up a murder investigation due to lack of sleep. I suppose it also has a little bit to do with the dangers of teen love.  It's worth watching if you enjoy foreign crime dramas.

Sunday (stopped snowing, but still can't leave the house. Car is uncovered but street is not)

6. Mephisto (

Lengthy and slow moving, yet somehow I was completely sucked in.  It's about the impossibility of being an artist in a vacuum.  In this case, being an actor in Nazi Germany.

7. Walled In (

Hilariously bad "horror" movie with Mischa Barton.  Was this even released into theaters? Not scary, not good.

8. In the Realms of the Unreal (

Documentary/Art film about Henry Darger.  I've always been a little creeped out about his artwork.  Watching this made me like it a lot
more although I suspect they glossed over some of the creepier, child molest-y aspects.  It also made me very sad for the lonely, lonely man that created it.  Well worth watching.
Monday (No work, so much snow, streets still icy and unplowed)

9. Them (Ils) (

Them (ils) is a French horror movie and is actually very good.  Creepy and suspenseful without being the least bit gory.  I think it is the movie The Strangers was based on (or ripped off from).  I haven't seen The Strangers so I can't compare the two but I'm willing to bet the American version is not so good.
10. Fear dot com (
Almost unwatchable and clearly, I will watch almost anything......

I also finished up Season 5 of Lost and watched several episodes of Law and Order SUV.  If it makes you non TV watchers out there feel better, I also read a couple of books. 

I was going to wrap up my movie journal since I actually had to go to work today but the snow continues, I don't have work tomorrow and I may not get to leave my house until spring.  Look for part 2 of the Snowpocalypse Moviethon coming soon!