Snowpocalypse 2010 Moviethon Part 2

Wednesday (so much snow, so little inclination to do anything but watch movies and so.....)

1. Strange Days (

It seems weird that I haven't seen this movie before.  I'm not sure how I missed it.  OK, so not the most amazing piece of cinema but certainly an enjoyable way to spend a snowy morning.

2. The International (

Fun, fluffy thriller.  Again, not the most interesting thing ever but it is amusing.  Plus, there is an absolutely wonderful shoot-out in the Guggenheim.  You just don't see enough of those.

3. The Arabian Nights (

Not exactly a movie, I know.  I saw this at work and couldn't resist watching it.  It's a Discovery Channel presentation in which parts of Arabian Nights are re-enacted. Then various historians discuss the stories and the history behind them. Educational and kitschy all at the same time.  Love it!

4. The Element of Crime aka Forbrydelsens Element (

I'm sure real movie buffs will yell at me 'cause Lars von Trier (the director) is reasonably famous but I just couldn't get into this until almost the end.  It was pretty and all but it was soooo disjointed I just didn't get it.  By the end I was a little more into it and I'm willing to watch some of his other movies but I don't think I'll ever sit through this one again.