Starting projects

For years I have been telling myself that THIS is the year I'm going to start another book project.  And for years, I have allowed various side projects to distract me.  I'm not really sure why.  I admire people that can do many small book projects in the course of a year but that has never been me.  Things that I think will be small and easily accomplished quickly turn into monster projects that eat my life.

With grad school out of the way and my job situation being stable I think THIS will actually be the year that I get another book finished. For nearly 10 years I have had a copy of a  micro-story written by my dear friend,  .  The copy has been lovingly transferred from sketchbook to sketchbook and yet I have never moved beyond the very rough sketch stage. 

I think I have mentioned it before when I posted process pictures, but posting works in progress makes me nervous.  In this case, although I am still nervous, I think posting progress photos and updates will keep me focused and moving forward. 

In other project news, we are finally ripping out the VERY pink bathroom.  I will also be posting photos of our progress on that project.  I have it feeling it will move forward much faster than my book!