Snail Book Update

Although I haven't updated in awhile I have not abandoned this project.  After the last post I sort of hit a wall.  There was something really off with the images and I couldn't really figure out what.  I wasn't interested and I couldn't make myself work with them.

Then a couple of weeks ago i had the chance to show one of my other books to a class from Johns Hopkins University.  I noticed that people had reactions (I hope good but I suppose they could have been bad) to my drawings. Something finally clicked, using clip art was not working out for me at all.  I enjoy drawing, people respond to my DRAWING.  The other was just not going to work out for me. 

Sooo, literally back to the drawing board!  Now I am finally ready to scan in images and layout the pages. For real.

Here's a preview of a couple of the new, non-clip art related drawings. The color is off because of the light in my studio but it does make it look kind of cool and moody......  *okay so I guess it's just one photo.  My LJ photo woes continue. Uploaded file. rotated, saved just like the one below but the other photo just keeps loading sideways.....sigh.