Snail Book Update

One of the many wonderful things about having a husband who owns a hardware store is when I said I needed a homosote covered wall in my studio, he was able to make that happen.  It has been very useful over the years, but has proven to be especially useful for this book project. I have tacked up the page mock-ups for the whole book so I can step back and look at the whole thing at once.

It's been a great way to get a sense to the page rhythms and has been especially helpful as I layout the text. 

The text will be printed separately on a iridescent paper.  I'm then using a scap booking dye-cut thingy to get a doily effect on the corners.  It's supposed to represent snail slime trails but also to seem feminine/lady-like?  It looks nice on plain paper but I haven't tried it out on the paper I'd like to use.  Anyway, I have to carefully plan out how those separate sheets go onto the pages.  In some cases they will go on last, so over the printing and in some cases the final print layers will go on over the text sheets.

At any rate, the main page paper is purchased and torn down, ready for printing.  I'd like to say I'm going to start printing soon but I'm working on this year's Valentine print and another cover for a Furniture Press chapbook.  So it will be busy times in the print shop but might not be as focused on this project as I'd like.